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Moving services and prices

Our main activity is movement of furniture, luggage, office-equipment, archive, whole and partial domestic furniture.

Transport services

Movement of heavy items - pianos, royals, safes, machines, non-standart, coaches, living-room buffets etc.

By carrying very heavy items (above 400-500 kg), or items of hight value, unique, antique, or of high art value, the payment should be separately agreed.

The transport of the items concerns the above prices..

The company offers to the customer packages in order to collect his/her domestic items.

We offer also packaging of clothes, books, cups/plates, paintings etc. The furniture and the white-technique, can also be packed with stretch foil or packages (when required).

We do also assembly- and disassembly of heavy furniture in condition applicable for movement (wardrobes, panels, buffets). Those services should be negotiated with the customer.

We offer also cleaning of rooms, cells, basements, and workplaces from old and useless items, building trash, their collection in sacks and transporting them to the garbage area.

The request for our services should be made at least a day before, and for massive movements it is advisable to make a visit on site, which is free for Sofia city.

When needed we can do a fast moving service during the day of request. We do our best to meet your needs.